SSF Dragons Bonn – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg 4:6 (1:3, 0:3, 3:0)

It’s been quite a while ago since I stepped foot into Sportpark Nord, the home arena of the SSF Dragons Bonn. Always a bit special, as I played for the club for a short while. In the meantime, the Rheinland team became a German Floorball Bundesliga fixed seed. On their 15th January 2022 home match, they hosted the ETV Piranhhas Hamburg for a really interesting match-up. Until that day, Hamburg just had lost a single match and thus placed second in the table, while Bonn had a solid middle of the table position. However, for both teams, that match has been the first Bundesliga one since beginning of November – so that it almost felt like the start of a new season.

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SSF Dragons Bonn – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg – Match Report

After the long break, it felt like that at the beginning, no team really wanted to do a first mistake. They took time to set up their attacks and typically did really cause too much trouble on the goalies on either side, Jan Alexander Knoop and Jussi Kursula. In the seventh minute, Knoop, the net-minder of the hosts, had to get the ball out his goal for the first time, though. Bonn lost the ball in own defense – a situation which Hamburg masterful forced over the whole match. Luca Vogel was the first one to enter the score-sheet. Just some 30 seconds later, Jakob Bohls, who assisted the first goal, converted a penalty shot after Bonn stopped another fast break with the stick.

The two goals lead to more action in the rink – the match, however, also became more hectic. Jan Zwak gave the one hundred fans the first big cheer in 13th minute, profiting from some confusion in the Hamburg defense. The goal looked a bit of weird from the photo zone, though. Hamburg felt to risk to loose control, especially as soon thereafter, Timo-Toumas Koivisto was sent to the sin bin. However, it was his teammate Christopher Wilbrand, who in short-handed headcount converted the counter attack and increased the lead to three. The trouble increased in this nervous match – there were three additional bench penalties overall in this first period.


Three Piranha Bites and a lot of Physical Trouble

Bonn’s Safak Temel started the second period from the penalty bench – and thus had perfect view, when Bohls added his second goal after thirty seconds. Bonn felt to regain some more control in the following minutes, but the smart Hanseatic forechecking, especially when the last Bonn defender was in ball possession, simply created too many chances on that evening in Sportpark Nord. In the 33rd minute, Leon Adelmann said thanks after one of these opportunities. When Marcel Westermann raised the score to 1-6 by Marcel Westermann not too far from the central face off spot, there was the potential for a Dragons disaster.

There were a lot of emotions in this match – and one situation towards the end of this period should likely have lead to a match penalty (37th minute): Westermann stopped a Bonn attack by a stick hit (and went out for two minutes), but the tackled one, Jan Zwak, went for the rude swinger with his stuck and barely missed the head of his opponent. The referees went for the five minutes, which was likely a rather gentle choice. Even though the umpires felt to be quite present, the match became more nervous and rude now. Thus, it was good that both teams just had to wait about three minutes for the second intermission.


Bonn is Dreaming For The Comeback

With Lucas Grunewald’s goal in the 43rd minute, the match became even more emotional. The goal has been just what the hosts needed to re-start believing in themselves. They were very active in this third period, but finally did get into too many good scoring positions to threaten Nicolas Flathmann, who kneed in front of the Hamburg net in the third period.

The match stayed chaotic and nervous, Knoop did a good match in the third period so that even though the time was running down, Bonn still did believe in themselves. Already playing with six field players, they added a third goal by David Wolfer. At that time, there were still 110 second on the clock. But even though there was pressure on the Hamburg goal, the match just finished with a lot of roughing and debating and the buzzer-beater (which had been set to 59:58 in the match report) by Zwak.


SSF Dragons Bonn – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg – My View of the Match

Finally, the match was rather a fight – and even though the referees are rather well-known for being great in their interaction with the players, they just did not make it to calm down the players. Bonn paid a high price for being too slipshod in their own half of the rink at own ball possession. Hamburg’s coach Mathis Wittneben found an excellent tactical solution here, which was finally the key to a significant lead after 40 minuts. They also felt to be superior in accommodating the rule/referee situation of the game. Bonn did a spirited job in the last period, but five goals were just too much to get back.


SSF Dragons Bonn – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg – Lineups

SSF Dragons Bonn: 40 Jan Alexander Knoop, 89 David Vent – 3 Till Braun, 6 Lucas Grünewald, 12 David Wolfer, 15 Tobias Schroers, 16 Safak Temel, 22 Philipp Blümke, 26 Lars Wornbacher, 27 Aaron Niketta, 28 Leander Leyhe, 29 Jan Zwak, 30 Lukas Lüke, 32 Florian Weißkirchen, 38 Julius Grumbach, 41 Kai Willems, 61 Roope Hyvönen,

ETV Piranhhas Hamburg: 93 Jussi Kursula, 95 Nicolas Flathmann, 5 Jonas Jens – 3 Namgyal Vogl, 4 Tjorven Dethlefsen, 7 Luca Vogel, 11 Marcel Westermann, 14 Felix Braun, 16 Christopher Wilbrand, 18 Steven Kunz, 20 Mats Dose,  22 Jakob Bohls, 24 Lasse Tuchtfeldt, 28 Leon Adelmann, 36 Paul Dall, 42 Kurbilay Durasi, 84 Timo-Toumas Koivisto, 87 Hanno Hinze


SSF Dragons Bonn – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg – Gallery

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