SSF Dragons Bonn – TV Schriesheim 5:8 (1:1, 3:1, 1:6)

At the beginning of April 2019, the floorball seasons worldwide were already about to reach their climax. On 6th April 2019, the SSF Dragons Bonn hosted TV Schriesheim in the 2nd Bundesliga playoff finals. As Schriesheim, a town near Heidelberg and former 1st German Bundesliga team like Bonn, had won the first match in this best-of-three series the weekend before, they had match point against the Rhineland host already. Bonn was under pressure, but pushed by their amazing home crowd.

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Bonn vs. Schriesheim – Match Report

Bonn had a better start in the match and controlled the first minutes. Florian Weisskirchen went for the first goal of the match, scoring from the right wing after just more than four minutes. Bonn was in power play twice thereafter, but could not convert. Therefore, Schriesheim got more grip on the match, but Bonn still had the better opportunities. Simon Seibert was celebrated by the loud Schriesheim guest crowd for blocking some fast breaks. There were some good chances for Schriesheim now, and Nicolas Burmeister took the opportunity after 16 minutes and converted for the tie.

Eight Seconds – Two Goals – Bonn en Route for Match 3?

Bonn received their first bench penalty early in the second period. However, the goals were scored right thereafter. Bonn too the lead again in the 25th minute, but Schriesheim tied two minutes later. In the eighth minutes, the home crowd went mad when their Dragons gave him two goals: they hadn’t stopped cheering for Kai Willems, when eight seconds later, Jan Kolisko raised to 4:2 after an attack more or less right from the face-off spot. It was a stunning second period theafter, but no more goals – only a Lying Play penalty against Oguzhan Aydin with two minutes left on the clock made it to the match report.



Third Period: Three Minutes Floorball Armageddon in Bonn

The first three minutes of the third periods were likely one of the most memorable played at Sportpark Nord this season. Felix Künnecke beat David Vent just after 33 seconds in the third period. Bonn just did not get ready for these twenty minutes and so their were slaughtered by opponent’s floorball fire: Less than a minute later, Robert Eidemüller sniped for the tie. After 2:45 minutes, Schriesheim was in the lead for the very first time, when Linus Braune could choose how to pass Vent due to a lack of defense. Coach Mathis Janesch went for the time-out, but 30 seconds were just not enough to give back concentration to his team – five seconds later, Alexander Burmeister went to the middle spot for a penalty shot, as Bonn allowed another attack right after face-off and just could go for the foul. The national team player converted, so that the score was now 4:6 after 43 minutes.

Obviously, Schriesheim was on fire now. It was their match, it went smooth, they could enjoy it. Bonn attacks? There were a couple, but the defense blocked them or could rely on their great netminder Seibert. N. Burmeister went for his second goal to increase the lead to three goals in the 47th minute. The only bad scene in a fair match was a revenge foul by Weisskirchen in the 54th minute, where he was very lucky just to be sent off for two minutes. In the very final minute, Bonn’s Till Braun scored short-handed by a fast break. The final score of the match was done by Leonard Laake who did the empty-netter and left no doubt about having a Schriesheim championship and promotion party that night.


Bonn vs. Schriesheim – My View of the Match

For 57 minutes in that match, Bonn overall was a very tough opponent for Schriesheim. Everything looked like they could face a third match the day thereafter in their Sportpark Nord. But 57 minutes were just three too few. “Schriese” saw that chance and were lucky enough to score massively in the beginning of the third period, which gave the match a very different and unexpected story. Bonn needs to play the relegation matches to come back to the first Bundesliga, while Schriesheim is already back in the list of the best German teams for the 2019/20 season.


Bonn vs. Schriesheim – Lineups

SSF Dragons Bonn: 89 David Vent, 77 Moritz Blümke – 3 Till Braun, 5 Lutz Ackermann, 6 Lucas Grünewald, 7 Jannik Heinen, 11 Jan Kolisko, 13 Johannes Weh, 15 Lukas Lüke, 17 Jan Steinkamp, 29 Tom Grossmann, 32 Florian Weißkirchen, 41 Kai Willems, 53 Oguzhan Aydin, 61 Safak Temel, 94 Maximilian Kolbeck

TV Schriesheim: 44 Simon Seibert, 1 Lasse Gernold, 84 Fabian Eidenmüller – 2 Tobias Toast, 21 Leonard Laage, 22 Marvin Biedermann, 23 Linus Braune, 27 Lucian Häfele, 32 Leander Sauerbrey, 42 Benjamin Rudin, 47 Adrian Braune, 48 Robert Eidenmüller, 72 Patrick Pfanne, 95 Alexander Burmeister, 96 Felix Künnecke, 97 Nicolas Burmeister,


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