Songs Of The Week (week of 22nd December 2023)

It’s Christmas Eve, the main day of the Christmas celebrations in Germany. However, all the holiday songs seem having been published already. I did not expect too many interesting releases this week and the next one – the more, I am quite surprised that there are still nine really nice listens this week.


Poppy Fusee – For Better and For Worse

After she already had an EP release in 2022, the French pop artist Poppy Fusee is about to release her debut album Better Place on 19th January 2024. For Better And For Worse is her final single release before she is sharing the full set of songs four weeks later. A song which beautifully fits into winter time, I feel.


Brings – Lieblingslied

The Cologne rock band is one of the biggest acts in regards of local music from my home town. Their this week’s release, however, is a very calm and quiet. Just the piano and singer Peter Brings. The song is about your “Favorite Song”, an homage on big artists who accompany you in your life. Lovely one.


Joel Brandenstein x Sarah Engels – Jemand

Overall, the Christmas week typically features quiet, emotional songs. The German pop singers Joel Brandenstein and Sarah Engels state “somebody is dreaming of you” in this lovely ballad release. Very nice piece of pop music.


Viva Alpagua feat. Haller & IUMA – Schüttel es ab

Viva Alpagua is the charity music project of Viva con Aqua (featuring their mascot, the blue alpaca), who fight for clean drinking water for people all over the world. For this song, they collaborate with Haller and IUMA. Hope the song is gathering some funds for that good cause.


Andreas Dorau – Mein englischer Winter

It is just some four weeks left until there is the new Andreas Dorau album. Until then, we are able to listen to Andreas’ new winter song. The song title translates to “My English Winter”.


Srila – 9 to 5

Srila is an Austrian artist from Tyrol. Her mother is Indian, while her father is domestic. The artist name is a short from of her middle name Srilatha. The song is having a nice balance between a present beat and a rather calm overall atmosphere.


Dario Rodriguez & Iggy feat. Riku Rajamaa – Choices

In 1993, the German a capella pop band Die Prinzen released the song Alles nur geklaut (“Everything just stolen”). A song about copying ideas and thoughts and selling them as your own ones. The funny song comes with an hilarious music video. German producer Dario Rodriguez and Finnish musician Riku Rajamaa do exactly that thing – grab the melody of the song – and turn it into a very different lyrics context and sound.


KTSN 21 – It’s A Beautiful Day

There is also some typical pop music this week. However, there is also some touch of nostalgic synth pop, some rock feeling in the raspy voice… Overall, a very interesting listen.


Corinna Stelzig – Endlich Samstag

Corinna Conny Stelzig is typically known as a wedding and event singer. The Munich artist performs this song, which is in fact the title track of a teen TV series in Germany (with the same title, “Finally Saturday”). I like it.



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