SB-Pro Nurmijärvi – Koovee Tampere 7:2 (2:1, 3:1, 2:0)

The match on 18th January 2020 was likely a tougher one for SB-Pro: trailing 0-5 against Swiss champtions Kloten-Dietlikon Jets after 37 minutes the weekend before in Ostrava, Czech Republic, the Champions Cup was in fact over for the Finnish champion before it had begun for any other team (apart from the Swiss, of course). The remaining tournament did not work out that much better. Thus, coming back well into the routine of the Finnish Naisten Liiga A quite was likely the best ting to do. Opponent of the first home match after Ostrava was Tampere’s Koovee who were an average team in that season – however, they felt to be closer to the playoffs than having a risk of being relegated. A lot of good ingredients for a nice floorball match.

This match report comes with a 499 major picture gallery in the sports gallery section.


SB-Pro – Koovee – Match Report

SB-Pro started the match with the “Ostrava feeling”. More or less with the first good chance for her team, Senni Hietanen scored the lead for Koovee after two minutes. The hosts seemed to struggle with that situation, but Silja Eskelinen gave her team the confidence at least slightly back, when she tied the score after a hit-in by Jaana Lirki (6th). This goal felt also quite surprising as Koovee looked to have a good defensive tactics against the favorites before. SB-Pro looked very superior in the following minutes, but again the defensive lines in front of Noora Laakso did an excellent job in that period. Laakso was also a main actor in the last import scene of the first period, when she blocked several attempts after 16 minutes – but finally Laura Hietamäki tipped in one of the rebounds.

Fifteen-second decider in the second period

Like in the first period, SB-Pro had to stand an early period shocker after the first intermission. Mona Backman made the turnover and Aino Lahti scored (I feel with a backhand shot) – Tiltu Siltanen reacted too late at this hidden attempt (24th). Shortly thereafter, Lahti could even have brought back her team in the lead, but failed to control the ball in the slot. Five minutes later, Silja Eskelinen did much better on the other side. After a Jaana Lirkki pass, she could aim without any pressure to bring her team back in the lead.

The game slowed down significantly thereafter. The score was still close, so it was still interesting to watch. The 38th minute was the decider of this battle. First, Mirja Hietamäki scored out of a central spot – and while I was still trying to manage my notes, Jenni Rautanen taught me that you should always have a look into the rink – just fifteen seconds later, she raised the score to 5:2. Koovee took the time-out and was maybe even lucky that SB-Pro could not another of their chances.


Heidi Lirkki with the cut right above the eye early in third period

The third period started very emotional: Just after some twenty seconds, Heidi Lirkki was hit by the opposite stick right above her left eye. No penalty against the guests, Lirrki could join the match after some minutes again with the cut closed. The match felt to be more vivacious and nervous now. Koovee was also better again and had multiple good chances to score against Siltanen, but the national team goalie did an excellent job in this part of the match. Thus, SB-Pro never felt to give Tampere a chance to come back. The guests chose to play the last three minutes with six field players, which lead to two more SB-Pro goals. Silja Eskelinen made the caps and hats fly into the ring (58th), while Karoliina Kujala scored the seventh goal for her team in the final minute.


SB-Pro – Koovee – My View of the Match

The score reads like an easy match for SB-Pro Nurmijärvi – but my favorite FInnish team had quite a task to solve at that afternoon in their own arena. Koovee acted very well, felt to have a good tactics and finally lost because they did not manage to score in the deciding moments of the match – and as they lost their concentration towards the end of the second. Even without injured players like Elina Kujala or Anu Raatevaara, the favorites stayed the favorites and the superior team, so that Nurmijärvi could take the important victory before the match against Classic.


SB-Pro – Koovee – Lineups

SB-Pro Nurmijärvi: 35 Tiltu Siltanen, 99 Ira Moilanen – 5 Silja Eskelinen, 8 Jaana Lirkki, 11 Majut Kinnunen, 12 Heidi Lirkki, 13 Meri-Helmi Höynälä, 19 Karoliina Kujala, 20 Anu Raatevaara, 21 Elina Vanhanen, 22 Laura Hietamäki, 24 Niina Ahola, 25 Nita Heino, 30 Aada Isometsä, 33 Mirja Heitamäki, 42 Jenni Rautanen, 60 Jenna Ronkainen, 69 Ina Leminen, 70 Juulianna Sotala, 83 Emmi Lindh, 93 Sini Heikkinen

Kovee Tampere: 2 Noora Lakso, 7 Anette Knuutinen – 9 Henna Tapani, 11 Roosa Salmela, 12 Mona Backman, 13 Hanna Kiljunen, 15 Elinoora Huotari, 18 Johanna Horni, 19 Jemina Ruostila, 20 Mia Vallenius, 24 Senni Hietanen, 30 Aino Lahti, 31 Veera Vilenius, 36 Tuulia Aho, 37 Emmiinna Hapuoja, 44 Hanna Puolakka, 60 Ira Töyrylä, 93 Milla Välhälä, 94 Lyylimaija Toivola


SB-Pro – Koovee – Gallery

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SB-Pro Nurmijärvi

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