CC 2024: SV Wiler-Ersigen – FbS Bohemians 5-3 (1-1, 2-3, 3-0) – Showdown 1-x

While the first match at Mobiliar Arena between Floorball Köniz Bern and Tatran Stresovice was the first leg of the Floorball Champions Cup quarterfinal, SV Wiler-Ersigen and the FbS Bohemians from Prague were already deciding the winner of their battle. The Czech had a close 5-4 victory in their home match the Wednesday before that 16th September 2023, when the re-match took place. The goal difference does not have any effect on qualifying for the next round – Wiler “simply” had to win this one and then head be the better / luckier team in the overtime.

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SV Wiler-Ersigen – FbS Bohemians – Match Report

The second match of the day had slightly more spectators than the opener – the official figure was 987. The saw another really interesting floorball battle, in which the Czech guests felt to have the better start. However, it was Yannis Wyss after six minutes, who scored the first goal of the match and gave Wiler the lead. The match was an intense one over the whole match time. In the thirteenth minute, Tomas Trnka was smarter than the Wiler-Ersigen defense and tied the score. Now, the sun was shining over the Czech bench again. There were a couple of interruptions as the match was very physical. However, this also made it memorable and great to watch.


Bohemians set Sail to the Semis in the 2nd Period

SV Wiler-Ersigen had an excellent start of the second period. Just after 61 seconds, Marco Louis gave back the lead to the Swiss team. This felt to be a very important score, especially as Bohemians’ goalie Daniel Mück had an excellent day and lead to a lot of frustration on the home team before. However, this goal did not change the performance of the goalie and the Bohemians did better in causing trouble to their opponents in this part of the match. Deny Känzig took a needless scuffle and had to cool down in the 25th minute on top of that, so that Karel Petrak gave the lead to the Czech in the last second of their power play. This was especially heartbreaking for Wiler, as they were the better team in these two minutes and Mück even had to show a brilliant save preventing a fast break short handed goal just seconds before.

The situation got even worse for the locals in the 32nd minute, when they struggled to get the ball out of the danger zone – Jan Dobosik was just right and gave the Bohemians the lead. As Wiler also could not convert after a bench penalty against the Czech some two minutes later, they stayed trailing by one goal during the second intermission. The match got very hectic in the last few minutes. Similar to the match before, the refs likely thanked for for the fifteen minute break in their cabin this time.


A Swiss Comeback

The premium discipline on that evening by SV Wiler-Ersigen was scoring early goals. I was just about to head down to the rink when Michal Dudovic tied the score after ten seconds played in that final period. This was just what you needed to turn the match into a thriller. There were a few rather strategic moments now, but most of the time, the match was an offensive battle with some nice opportunities on both sides. The Swiss crowd got cheered up and tried to push their team to go for the comeback. With four minutes left on the clock, coach Lukas Schuepp pulled goalie Yanick Flury.

Karel Petrak will have some nightmares of what happened short thereafter, when he failed at a fast break in front of the empty net. Flury had a brilliant safe in another situation coming from the bench at a fast break and stopping the ball right in front of the line. I would love to see the replay, the situation had a touch an incorrect substitution, but that’s hard to judge due to the ten meter long substitution zone. The match clock was already in the final minute when Max Wahlgren brought Wiler back in the lead. This lead to the mentally weird situation that the Bohemians could pull their goalie now, but even in a negative outcome, they will be in the overtime safely. This negative outcome happened by Louis with 25 seconds left, scoring the empty netter.


Overtime? Showdown? Third Match? Wiler!

You can see how weird the playing system for the Champions Cup is by the fact that even the official match report on the IFF website is ending now. However, as both teams won a match each, there was now the decider. The match secretariat already changed the score to a 0-0 (which I felt would have been much more appropriated), but the refs insisted to turn it back to 5-3. Finally, the fans at Mobiliar Arena saw nothing but a third match, just with the slight rule change that it is a ten minute sudden death (5 on 5, not 3 on 3), potentially followed by a shootout.

Thus, I call it a showdown. There were ups and downs and opportunities on both sides, as well as funny side stories. For example, a ref had to stop the match after a minute as he had to tie his shoe laces again – which lead to some smiles in the stands. Finally, SV Wiler-Ersigen made it in the 68th minute, profiting by the second Dudovic goal.


SV Wiler-Ersigen – FbS Bohemians – My View of the Match

The match did write some strange stories, also due to the unusual rules of the Floorball Champions Cup. However, these 68 minutes were an amazing floorball show, a great thriller with some great key actors. Just what you need to promote the score. If you promote the rules even better (or change them so that people do get it), it will be really fun. Wiler-Ersigen became the first Southern Division team qualifying for the semifinals and take another step on this exciting 2023/24 floorball journey. The Czech were a bit of unlucky, but definitely also showed an amazing fight early in the season.


SV Wiler-Ersigen – FbS Bohemians – Lineups

SV Wiler-Ersigen: 1 Yanick Flury, 89 Mateo Fiechter – 4 Michal Dudovic, 6 Amelio Tambini, 8 Noah Siegenthaler, 9 Radek Sikora, 11 Gianluca Persici, 14 Simon Laubscher, 16 Yannis Wyss, 24 Tim Döbeli, 26 Lukas Moser, 36 Jan Ziehli, 44 Marc-Andre Vogt, 52 Gian Mühlemann, 71 Jan Bürki, 73 Andrin Hollenstein, 77 Deny Känzig, 79 Max Wahlgren, 94 Marco Louis

FbS Bohemians: 40 Daniel Mück, 30 Tomas Hyrsl – 3 Vojtech Zezulka, 7 Patrik Sebek, 8 Jan Dobisik, 9 Matyas Krebner, 11 Ondrej Kawulok, 12 Karel Petrak, 18 Jan Rehor, 20 David Veleba, 21 Jakub Bursik, 29 Simon Hronek, 34 Matus Gajdos, 36 Jan Malic, 46 Lukas Trnka, 64 Tomas Trnka, 77 Jaroslav Petrak, 87 Samuel Virga, 93 Tomas Kvasnica, 97 Simon Batkovic


SV Wiler-Ersigen – FbS Bohemians – Gallery

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