WFC U19 Girls 2024: New Zealand – Australia 10-3 (1-0, 6-2, 3-1)

The third and thus last group match day at the Under 19 Girls World Floorball Championships featured the Oceania battle. On 10th May 2024 at 10:30 in Lahti, New Zealand faced Australia. Especially their brave performance against the German natioinal team the day before had left a mark in Group C. Could they finally have their first victory at the WFC?

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New Zealand – Australia – Match Facts

The first period of the match started rather slowly, with just nine shots on goal by both teams overall. However, New Zealand took the lead, when Frances Coup had the first successful attempt in the 16th minute. New Zealand felt very agile in the second period and created much more opportunities. Even though Katie Wright had two goals for Australia, the “Kiwis”  were in control. Two goals each by Coup and the dynamic Ashley Geusebroeck were the foundation to six New Zealand goals in the second period. Even though Australia tried to push, New Zealand was simply the better team, also winning the third period by 3-1. The overall score of this battle was 10-3 in favor for New Zealand, which finally forced Australia taking the last spot in this round robin group together with Singapore and Germany.


New Zealand – Australia – Lineups

New Zealand: 1 Libby Sexton, 29 Sia Navalkar – 2 Aoife Trainor, 7 Samara Bridgen, 8 Samantha Hatchwell, 9 Isla Morgan, 11 Cassey Busby, 17 Frances Coup, 18 Bree Paiti, 23 Kate Johnson, 25 Hannah Tesoriero-Smith, 26 Eva Louise Baker, 28 Ashley Geusebroek, 32 Paige Fogarty, 44 Florence Le Masurier, 52 Tegan Macfadyen, 74 Anna Knackstedt, 88 Elenia Ihaia

Australia: 1 Kavya Goel, 16 Summer Moes – 2 Grace Parry, 4 Heather Bruyns, 8 Jennifer Biddle, 9 Matilda O’Connell, 10 Katie Wright, 11 Matilda Burton, 12 Jaime Young, 14 Grace Coveney, 16 Summer Moes, 17 Tahlia Norris, 21 Arianne Guiot, 23 Millie Justice, 24 Hannah Thomas, 27 Gemma O’Rourke, 29 Olivia Cornelius, 34 Adela Blackburne, 45 Tahlia Bridges, 67 Annika Hofman


New Zealand – Australia – Gallery

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