F-Liiga Women: EräViikingit – SSRA 7-2 (3-1, 1-0, 3-1)

Back to the EräViikingit: after I had visited their home match against Classic two days before, I had another match of the Northern Helsinki club on 24th October 2021. You just could not argue against that this time, they were clear favorites – before the weekend, SSRA (who had a comparably low number of matches) from Oulu were the only team without a point in the F-Liiga leaderboard. This time, Erä hosted their guests not in their base arena Mosahalli, but in the much more posh Energia Areena in Vantaa. The match was a double header, followed by a Men’s match against Happee (which I could not attend due to the parallel SB-Pro match).

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EräViikingit – SSRA – Match Report

Even though Erä likely counted them towards the end of the match, almost 500 people in the lovely arena saw an unexpected beginning of the match. There was less than two minutes played when Milla Yliato raised her hands to the top. Before that, Erä had serious trouble to get the ball out of the danger zone – the SSRA player was simply quicker than the (a bit of sleepy) defense of the hosts. However, it did not take too long for the Viikingit to correct it. From a semi-left wing position, Jenni Rautanen tied the score. SSRA still looked like having a promising match plan and were unlucky just to hit the bar after ten minutes.

Finally, two goals in 25 second gave comfort to the favorites in the 13th minute. Sofia Mittentag took the first-time lead with a right wing shot, before Mirva Laitinen put one more on top of the score. Not too much happened thereafter, which was maybe rather a good message for the SSRA fans.


Erä increased the lead in the second

Unfortunately, I did not get the key highlight of the second period. Just when I moved from one corner of the rink to to another, Taru Nordman punished me for that – no idea, how she did the only score in the second period. The SSRA players were unhappy and felt that there has been an offense before the goal. There were not too many chances until the second intermission. The match did not come with scoring opportunities on any side now. One minute before the end of the period, Tove Tantere felt some pity for the guests and granted them a power play by an completely unnecessary penalty – however, they neither converted at the end of the second nor at the beginning of the third period.


The Vikings won the Battle with ease

Even though the beginning of the third period was quite active with slight chances on either side, the salibandy battleship of the Northern Helsinki Vikings did not need to get out their heaviest cannons any more – the Ducks from Middle Finland had lost their feathers already. There were some more scores, though. Rautanen added their second one early in the period, while there were three more goals towards the end. Trine Sallström (58th, empty-netted) and Mittentag (60th) could give a brighter smile on the Erä side, while SSRA scored by Sanni Uimarihuhta in the 59th period. Final score 7-2.


EräViikingit – SSRA – My View of the Match

That’s just one of the matches you have to win if you want to stay in the upper regions of the table – EräViikingit fulfilled that mission in style. SSRA did show some nice plays and had this three minute lead – but finally, they have to fight to stay in contact with the teams closer to them than Erä. An interesting match in a really cool arena.


EräViikingit – SSRA – Lineups

EräViikingit: 40 Sanna Viitanen, 30 Laura Loisa – 3 Tove Tantere, 5 Manta Likki, 6 Jenni Särö, 7 Mirva Laitinen, 9 Daniela Westerlund, 14 Nelly Baumgartner, 15 Sofia Mittentag, 17 Taru Nordman, 18 Trine Sällström, 19 Maura Paajanen, 21 Lotta Varakas, 42 Jenni Rautanen, 46 Sofia Niemi, 50 Vlada Maderova, 56 Milla Ylikojola, 77 Emma Hartwall, 85 Elina Niemi, 95 Elisa Vilhunen

SSRA: 98 Laura Haapaniemi, 17 Aino-Kaisa Lyttinen – 5 Riina Baer, 6 Sanni Uimarihuhta, 7 Aada Nieminen, 10 Julia Kaan, 11 Jonna-Liina Varis, 13 Alma Helanen, 19 Oona Lehtinen, 20 Liinu Koivisto, 24 Noora Leinonen, 27 Anni Raskila, 29 Essi Ronkanen, 33 Viivi Kettunen, 35 Milla Ylitalo, 45 Jonna Virkkunen, 59 Linda Holpainen, 66 Saana Väänänen, 90 Katja Nättilä, 97 Sara Tikkanen


EräViikingit – SSRA – Gallery

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