Songs Of My Life: Systems In Blue – 1001 Nights

While I guess that you knew a lot of the songs I presented you so far as a Song of My Life, Systems In Blue might be a band you are not too aware of. However, a lot of them have listened to their music if you have been a 1980’s kid. Here are my thoughts about a very special song to me 1001 Nights.


1001 Nights – The Story of the Song

Systems in Blue is a band found in 2003. The founding members are Rolf Kölhler, Michael Scholz and Detlef Wiedeke. Thomas Widrat has also been member of the project, but only worked as a texter / writer. All musicians have in common that they have been former members of Dieter Bohlen’s studio band. They broke up with the famous and successful music producer after they could not agree on (financial) terms of collaborations. Three years after that conflict, they founded the new band, whose name is of course a reference to Blue System, the solo pop project of Dieter Bohlen. Even the band logo and the style of music is orientating strongly to the project the band has played for.

Systems in Blue had quite some success at their beginning. Their first single, Magic Mystery (which is very close to Blue System’s Magic Symphony) topped the European Dance Charts. Working on their second album Out Of The Blue, lead vocalist Köhler got a stroke. He died on 16th September 2007 in Hamburg. The band delayed the release of the album, which just had limited success. In 2017, the band released their third album, Melange bleu. Just a few weeks ago, in December 2020, there was even a fourth album, Blue Universe. As it has been released physically only, I unfortunately missed to review it here – but the sound is still a time travel to the 1980’s. The today’s formation is Scholz, Wiedeke and Olaf Senkbeil. Johann Perrier is the co-producer of the band.

About 1001 Nights

1001 Nights has already been released on the 2005 debut album Point Of No Return. After Magic Mystery, Winner and the title track, the song has been the fourth single release of the album. It is not the most well-known and most successful track on the album. As said above, Magic Mystery and Point Of No Return were commercially more successful. Interestingly, the album cover calls the Song A Thousand and One Nights, the way it is also appearing in the song itself.


1001 Nights – My Story of the Song

At the beginning of this section, I have to confess: I liked Modern Talking. I loved Blue System. And I even have been member of the member of the Modern Talking fan club. I still value Thomas Anders as a great German artist. And – even though I favor Anders – I feel that Dieter Bohlen’s career as a composer and producer is outstanding. Maybe one day, there will be Songs Of My Life with artists like C.C. Catch or Chris Norman, who both performed amazing Bohlen songs.

I ran into the music of Systems In Blue in the early 2010’s when there have been some collaborations with Mark Ashley as a vocalist. They are just the perfect “musical substitute drug” to me. Their sound is so damn close to the old Blue System stuff. There are a couple of songs which are extremely good – like Dr. No – but to me, 1001 Nights reflects the sound of the original best. Unfortunately, I have never been gifted to see Systems In Blue live on stage – but now, due to the new album release, there is maybe some chance to do so. Sorry, country music, but these guys even make me dance more than the Nashville tunes!



1001 Nights – The Song / Lyrics

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