WFC U19 Girls 2024: Slovakia – Czechia 1-16 (1-4, 0-5, 0-7)

Slovakia faced Czechia in Group A on Day 1. The neighbor state derby was one of the most interesting match-ups of the first day at the Under 19 Girls World Floorball Championships. Nominally, the strong Czechs were, of course, the definite favorites in this duel. But Slovakia did have some rather strong Under 19 girls generations here and there in the past. Would Dusan Duricek’s team be able to tease their neighbors?

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Slovakia – Czechia – Match Facts

There was no chance for an upset for the Slovak team. The did have a courageous first period. Lenka Cervena gave a little bit of hope in the 13th minute to Slovakia. However, Czechia was in the lead with three goals already. Nela Sikorova (5th, 10th) and Tereza Hlaviznova (13th) had already scored for their team. The Slovak spirit faded more and more. While the first period score of 1-4 was still in a somehow reeasonable range, they lost the following periods by 0-5 and 0-7. Lucie Baldreichova (4+1) and Karolina Klubakova (3+2) went to the top of the scoring leaders of the WFC with five points each. Especially in the five day short U19 WFCs, the first match days is a good opportunity to leave a mark and claim your position. Tomas Martinik’s young ladies definitely did that in style. They sent a strong message to the Swiss Federation’s team for the second match day battle.


Slovakia – Czechia – Lineups

Slovakia: 89 Romana Velekova, 99 Daniela Zvarova – 4 Hana Vendzurova, 5 Patricia Kypusova, 6 Klaudia Chupekova, 7 Silvia Samajova, 9 Zdenka Bosa, 10 Alexandra Kopcekova, 11 Nikol Drabekova, 12 Ema Varosova, 15 Natalia Bridova, 16 Lenka Cervena, 17 Zuzana Mrazova, 18 Aneta Maria Petrikova, 22 Timea Holeksova, 24 Timea Kulova, 31 Veronika Tvrda, 69 Barbora Vargova, 79 Jolana Konecna, 96 Eszter Szocs

Czechia: 74 Eliska Svrckova, 81 Karolina Backova – 5 Veronika Machalkova, 7 Anna Bruchackova, 9 Barbora Fackova, 10 Valentyna Zerzanova, 11 Karolina Klubalova, 13 Sofie Gocova, 14 Barbora Loviskova, 16 Linda Fuchsova, 18 Tereza Matyskova, 20 Nela Sikorova, 22 Nela Kubalcikova, 23 Andrea Breska, 24 Tereza Hlaviznova, 25 Lucie Baldreichova, 26 Nikola Stekerova, 27 Klara Horcickova, 28 Karolina Liskovcova, 29 Anna Sigmundova


Slovakia – Czechia – Gallery

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