WFC U19 Girls 2024 Final: Sweden – Finland 4-2 (1-0, 1-0, 2-2)

Finally, it somehow felt (again) like business as usual. Even though both teams had some semifinal struggles, Finland and Sweden competed in the final of the 2024 Under 19 Women World Floorball Championships. On this 12th May 2024 in Lahti, floorball superpower Sweden just could not deny being in the favorite position. A good momentum in the right situation and the home crowd in the sold out arena could have been one potential way to make the host country fans smile at the end, though.

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Sweden – Finland – Match Report

The strategic wait did not take that long in the first period. While the teams felt to equalize in the first minutes very well, the match became more and more dramatic. The Swiss referees, who felt to be a bit of fussy here and there, even gave Finland a short two man advantage. However, the hosts could not convert the opportunity given by the exclusions of Moa Dybner (11th) and Livia Svartvardet (13th). Nonetheless, Suomi had the momentum now. The last minutes were very dramatic. First, a Finnish goal by Milla Granlund was not awarded due to high sticking – the call was really close. With six seconds left on the clock, Mira Markström shocked the Lahti crowd when she hammered the ball into Julia Saarinen’s net. Thus, Finland trailed by one goal during the first intermission.


Finland Pushed – But Sweden Smiled in the Second Period

The story of the first twenty minutes felt to continue in the second period. However, Finland pushed harder and at least converted their opportunities now to shots on Lourana Jakobsson more frequently. The story, however, also felt to be somehow equivalent as the ball just did not pass the goal line behind her after good plays. Again, Sweden did better at least once, when Ellen Lundin scored from the distance after a pressing attack by her team (33rd). Just seconds later, the refs crossed their arms above their head. Finland struggled with that penalty shot decision, but Markström also struggled with her attempt and Julia Saarinen, so that the score stayed at 2-0 until the end of the period.


Finnish Goals Were Too Late

The third period was more dynamic than the match before. This was obviously caused by the fact that Finland urgently needed a goal to come back to the game. However, it was Sweden who showed them how to be effective in that discipline. Whe Elin Dominicus converted after a free hit situation in the 47th minute, it was hard to believe that the home crowd will have a great party after the match. Just in case there was still some optimism, Markström killed that idea in the 54th minute, when she was put in great position after a long pass by Livia Svartvadet. The Finnish efforts thereafter playing with field player numeric advantage did look good, but also came too late. Ilda Sinkko gave a little hope to Finland, scoring in the 55th minute. Finnish prayers felt being heard when Elsa Holopainen added the second goal in the 57th minute. Sweden came back to defensive discipline and sometimes managed to hold the ball for longer periods. They could cheer for the World Championship title – which they funnily initially did a bit too early.


Sweden – Finland – My View of the Match

The score looks close, but finally, Sweden dominated the match. The level of the sports in the final was amazing. But finally, the story of the 2024 Lahti Under 19 Women World Floorball Championships was semifinal day. Both, Czechia and Switzerland felt very close in preventing the all-Scandinavian final. But as we know – they did not succeed. And floorball wrote its good, old story again. Another time VM Guld – and another time a well-deserved one. In the deciding moments, Sweden, especially in women’s floorball, felt too strong.


Sweden – Finland – Lineups

Sweden: 30 Louranna Jakobsson, 90 Sonya Fredriksson – 5 Linnea Hedman, 8 Vera Eriksson, 10 Moa Karestahl, 11 Klara Roos, 12 Vera Roos, 13 Nelly Cerina, 14 Nathalie Gustafsson, 15 Elin Dominicus, 17 Livia Svartvardet, 18 Mira Markstrom, 19 Lina Eriksson, 21 Thea Ernberg, 23 Carolina Peil, 24 Moa Dybner, 63 Julia Nilsson, 72 Isabell Holm, 76 Hanna Loow, 88 Ellen Lundin

Finland: 71 Julia Saarinen, 31 Sara Vantos – 4 Pinja Suhonen, 5 Jenni Leppanen, 8 Saana Luostarinen,  10 Laura Katajlisto, 12 Milla Granlund, 15 Miisa Turunen, 16 Veera Markala, 17 Nowa Vetelainen Lindgren, 21 Ella Virtanen, 22 Venla Nouslainen, 24 Bea Taipale^, 25 Ilda Sinkko, 27 Moona Poskiparta, 38 Sanni Kahla, 43 Tanja Parviainen, 56 Janina Rinne, 71 Julia Saarinen, 75 Elsa Holopainen


Sweden – Finland – Gallery

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