WFC U19 Girls 2024 Place 13: Hungary – New Zealand 6-8 (3-1, 0-3, 3-4)

While Sweden and Switzerland battled in the first semifinal in the main arena, Hungary and New Zealand battled on the minor court in Lahti. The winner of the battle of the third-placed teams in the “lower division” groups was about to end of thirteenth at the Under 19 Women World Floorball Championships. Here is my match report of the 11th May 2024 duel.

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Hungary – New Zealand – Match Facts

It was hard to make up a favorite team for this match. Both contestants underwent a nice development in their round robins and showed a good strategy in their recent matches. The Hungarian National Team continued acting based on their Italy match strategy, trying to play a disciplined deeper defense, launching fast and dangerous attacks out of that position. However, their first score in the fourth minute was a rather light shot from the distance by Anna Somodi, which caused more trouble to New Zealand’s starting goalie Sia Navalkar. In the 11th minute, New Zealand’s Frances Coup had an easier than necessary time with the opponent’s defense as well, equalizing the score. You felt the intense and packed schedule without rest days at both teams, who did not play as disciplined and concentrated as in their match before. In the 14th minute, Laura Penzes ended Navalkar’s time in the goal of the Kiwis, even though her shot was caused by a turnover in the defense rather than by a goalkeeping issue. Still in the first half, Penzes welcomed Libby Sexton with another goal from the slot (17th).

New Zealand adopted very well with the Hungarian play in the second half. The Europeans did not feel that dangerous any more, apart from Sexton giving the Ozeanians team more stability. On the offensive side, the black and white dressed young ladies also profited from a great playing Frances Coup, who scored twice in the second period (26th, 34th), after Bree Paiti had closed up the score in the 22nd minute before. New Zealand was in the lead for the first time and preserved that momentum until the second intermission. Both teams took a bench penalty each for incorrect substitutions during match time. That also illustrate some fatigue on both sides. At the end of the resulting power play early in the third period Tegan Mayfayden scored for her team (41st). Less than a minute later, Coup added another goal to her stats, making her team lead by 6-3 with some 18 minutes left to play.


Hungarian Comeback and New Zealand Smiles in the Third Period

Hungary did not give up and battled back. Within five minutes, they tied the score again (goals by Jazmin Kajtar, Orsolya Galfi, Krisztina Medica). Even though both teams felt to increase battling for a victory again, New Zealand felt more energetic despite that struggle. Players like the still very agile Ashley Geusbroek made the difference. It was the “point forward” style player, who scored New Zealand’s seventh one in the 49th minute and assisted the eighth goal by Paiti some three minutes later.  Izabell Mihaly, who had taken over netminder duties after New Zealand’s sixth goal, had to go back to the bench for Hanna Szabo. Her team tried to fight back, but both teams struggled with their precision now, so that the score stayed at 8-6 in favor of Jane Bertschinger’s team.


Hungary – New Zealand – Lineups

Hungary: 30 Hanna Szabo, 1 Izabell Mihaly, 31 Laura Cseh – 2 Panka Rezneki, 3 Noemi Gugg, 4 Orsolya Galfi, 7 Krisztina Medica, 9 Laura Penzes, 10 Boglarka Somkovi, 14 Fanni Anna Kallai, 23 Fanni Anna Farkas, 28 Boroka Simon, 42 Jazmin Kajtar, 47 Emma Kovacs, 71 Anna Somodi, 85 Panni Avar


New Zealand: 29 Sia Navalkar, 1 Libby Sexton  – 3 Aoife Trainor, 7 Samara Bridgen, 8 Samantha Hatchwell, 9 Isla Morgan, 11 Cassey Busby, 17 Frances Coup, 18 Bree Paiti, 23 Kate Johnson, 25 Hannah Tesoriero-Smith, 26 Eva Louise Baker, 28 Ashley Geusebroek, 32 Paige Fogarty, 44 Florence Le Masurier, 52 Tegan Macfadyen, 74 Anna Knackstedt, 88 Elenia Ihaia


Hungary – New Zealand – Gallery

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