TSG Erlensee – TSV Calw Lions 8-7 SD (1-3, 4-2, 2-2, 1-x)

The second match in the Großsporthalle Erlensee on 17th February 2024 was a match in the South-West division of the 2nd Men Floorball Bundesliga. TSG Erlensee hosted the TSV Calw Lions in a match of two rather average teams in the league. Neither of the teams had a chance to promote and to be relegated at the end of the season (any more). Thus, I was absolutely looking forward to this match.

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TSG Erlensee – TSV Calw Lions – Match Report

You can’t say that the match did not have a hot start. After just 25 seconds, Ruben Bauer made the home crowd cheer after a free hit from the right wing side. However, there was quite some confusion about the correct ball position beforehand, which might have had an influence. Regardless of that, it was Calw’s Frank Reuschling who stroke back just eight seconds later. Unfortunately, you have to talk about the referees in this match quite a lot. Julia Hauer had a very nervous start, touching the ball and blocking a player each in the first five minutes. Her partner Markus Fischer, who felt more experienced and communicative overall, took the very wrong option. Instead of encouraging his partner and maybe guiding her, also by the headset, there were multiple overrules, violations in the split of the rink and other kind of behavior, which made poor Hauer even more and more nervous, especially in the first two periods.

After this impressing start, the match calmed down a bit. There were not too many opportunities on both sides in the first twenty minutes. The more, it felt a bit of surprising that Calw had a two goal lead after twenty minutes. Philipp Blümke scored the Calw lead in the 10th minute, profiting from a gap in the Erlensee defense. Just some forty seconds later, Jan Martens finished a fast-break in style and caused some Erlensee headaches.


Calw with a Three Goal Lead, but…

There were quick goals in the first period – and Calw followed that “tradition” in the second one: just after 18 seconds, Matthias Maczek raised the score with another fast break to 1-4. Erlensee did struggle with their faith in this situation – the God of Floorball was definitely not on the Hesse team side in this part of the match. The referees were in scope at the next goal, when Julia Hauer awarded a free hit to defending Calw in the 25th minute. This might have been a disputable decision, but definitely no reason to overrule her from the very opposite site of the rink. Instead of cooling down the situation, Erlensee went for the rather fast shot and closed up by Patrick Eichner – which was at least a bit closer to the balance of power in the floorball rink at that time.

The were several weird calls in the following minutes, including a two minute call against Erlensee’s Sven Berg. The match could have turned into a quite chaotic one. Luckily, both teams almost had a friendly atmosphere in the Großsporthalle Erlensee, You cannot deny that the match became very hectic, though. Calw could convert the power-play by Simon Zoller in the 28th minute, but faced a box-play just a few minutes thereafter. While Erlensee could not convert in power play, they saved the good for thereafter. Patrick Eichner and Artur Lyzlov made it to the match report twice, with both times Eichner being the assistant for two Lyzlov snipes (33th, 38th). The score was 4-5 now. Calw wanted to keep the one goal lead in the last minutes of the second period. However, Erlensee’s Johannes Herrmann squeezed a fast attack from his own half right into the match time. He tied the score with the buzzer beater – amazing!


Erlensee Back In The Lead

Needless to say that the Erlensee fans were pumped for the third period. It started well for the hosts, when the refs sent Veit Bammel to the cozy spots next to the march secretary in the 42nd minute. However, the TSG could not profit from that. In the 51st minute, Kalpakidis brought back the lead for his team. The match was close and rather physical, even with some rather rough situations. A quite obscure situation was when Frank Reuschling slided in front of the goal to block an Erlensee shot, hitting his own goalie, poor Kai Luca Hörnke, right at the mask, during an ongoing attack by the hosts. Hörnke could stay in the goal after a concussion check.

Erlensee got into it better and felt to be the lucky guys on that evening. Rather soon after that hit, I felt worried for Hörnke. He just did not look too good at a shot by Stefan Weißling, which tied the score in the 54th minute. The goalie looked better thereafter, though, so that it was just a simple mistake and no physical cause. With three minutes left in the game, Patrick Eichner felt to become the hero of the match. A first Erlensee attempt was blocked by the opposite netminder, but the second snipe in the 58th minute was successful. The speaker called out that the hosts were back in the lead – in fact, it was the very first time on this Saturday.

Calw now played without goalie majorly. While Erlensee looked very good, this crazy match simply deserved some extra – and Blümke was in duty for that. Erlensee’s Noah Pongratz blocked a shot by Maczek, but the Calw forward had an easy task thereafter with 16 second left on the clock.



Wow, 7-7, overtime. It likely should have been a short one. It felt like a lovely snipe into the left upper corner of the goal felt to have passed the line and jump off the rear of the goal cage. A tough decision, the referees spread their arms. After blaming the umpires so much, they surprisingly did a much better overtime with a good split of the field and better runs and positioning. This lead to a much more worthy overtime than expected.

The overtime had chances for both teams. Including some physical action, the match was very entertaining. There is an overtime in Germany, five on five, but no shoot out. The German floorball podcast Konterpass just had that as a topic. Just when I started thinking about it, Niklas Grünewald just felt that this match just should not end with a tie. He tipped the ball in after a blocked Lyzlov shot and lead to an ecstatic crowd in Erlensee.


TSG Erlensee – TSV Calw Lions- My View of the Match

What a battle, what a comeback by TSG Erlensee. The Calw Lions just could not profit from their (slightly lucky) lead in the beginning of the match. At least the match finished with an amazing story, which unfortunately (also including the umpire performance in the women’s match before) also includes a very worrying story about refereeing.

We urgently need more referees and especially referee observers in floorball. This applies not only to Germany, but also to countries like Switzerland. The third team in the rink needs to be able to keep up with the rising quality of the other two parties in the game. If you did not focus on that topic, you had an amazing evening in Erlensee this time.


TSG Erlensee – TSV Calw Lions – Lineups

TSG Erlensee: 1 Noah Pongratz, 11 Nevio Pongratz – 7 Johannes Herrman, 14 Daniel Tack, 18 Eileen Traxel, 20 Niklas Grünewald, 25 Artur Lyzlov, 29 Ruben Brauer, 34 Patrick Eichner, 39 Nils Feuer, 44 Patrick Trageser, 51 Stefan Weißling, 68 Sven Berg

TSV Calw Lions: 66 Kai Luca Hörnke, 84 Fabian Eidenmüller – 5 Marius Schenke, 6 Lazaros Kalpakidis, 9 Paul Ulrich, 11 Simon Zoller, 22 Philipp Blümke, 32 Veit Bammel, 44 Frank Reuschling, 55 Marcel Volz, 91 Lukas Fischer, 93 Jan Martens, 95 Matthias Maczek


TSG Erlensee – TSV Calw Lions – Gallery

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