Wuppertaler Hochsprungmeeting (Wuppertal High Jump Meeting) 2024

I still feel that in many athletics meetings, the track events are somehow still more in focus than the field ones. From a photographic perspective as well as from a personal preference, I rather enjoy the throwing and jumping disciplines. Thus, I was very interested in covering the Wuppertaler Hochsprungmeeting (Wuppertal High Jump Meeting), which is one of quite a couple German meetings, which focus on a certain technical discipline. The even was held in the Southern part of Wuppertal, at the evening of 26th January 2024, with women’s and a men’s competition. Local Leichtathletik Zentrum Wuppertal was the organizer and host of the event.

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Sporthalle Küllenhahn – The Venue

The Sporthalle Küllenhahn (“Küllenhahn Sports Hall”) is a sports venue and area in the borough Cronenberg in Wuppertal. It is located next to a major school and in the same sports complex like a competitive sports training facility for swimming. The venue does not have any facilities specific for athletics. If you do not retract, the stands, the capacity is very minor. However, if the stands have been moved out, I found a capacity of 700 spectators. The event host spoke of 500 spectators in the arena during the competition.

There is no rail-driven transport around, but two bus stops close to the venue, Schulzentrum Süd (named after the school complex) and Korzert, both served by bus lines 613 and 633. The L418 is a major road, which is also connecting to the A46 motorway. You can reach it with a rather short drive from the sports arena.


Wuppertaler Hochsprungmeeting 2024 – Women’s Competition

The first competition of the evening was the Women’s High Jump, which kicked off at 19:00. First of all, I was really impressed by the excellent organisation of the event – the typical Germany handball field size school sports hall had really been turned into a nice venue. Luisa Deeken (TV Wattenscheid 01) opened the competition, easily passing the bar at 1.64 meters. Together with SV Werder Bremen’s Mareike Max, she was however also the first lady to leave the competition, finally ending up with a height of 1.76 meters. Overall, all ten competitors showed a really brave performance. None of them passed the bar less than three times. This also messed up the original schedule, which assumed a total time of 90 minutes for each of the events.

When Bulgarian Mirela Demireva entered the women’s high jump as the last athlete and passed 1.80 meter, seven additional ladies joined her and competed at 1.84 meters. This lead to a very interesting competition. Five of them passed that height. Finally, the Wuppertaler Hochsprungmeeting competition turned out to be a battle of three athletes. Namely, they were Savaskan Buse (Türkiye), Demireva and the domestic athlete Christina Honsel (TV Wattenscheid 01). All of them had a height which caused a bit of trouble, followed by passing the next height in the first attempt. Buse finally finished third with 1.91m (national record), which Demireva could not make 1.95m and thus finished second. The shining star of this first event was Honsel, who succeeded 1.95m in the first attempt as her best performance of the evening – which finally gave her the central position during the winners ceremony.


Wuppertaler Hochsprungmeeting 2024 – Men’s Competition

The Men’s High Jump had been scheduled 90 minutes after the women’s competition. Finally, the men kicked off the competition with the announcement of the athletes at 21:10, some forty minutes later than expected. Two athletes chose to open the event with a height of 1.90m. One of them was Tom Ediger (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen), who finally made it to 2.10m, just a centimeter below his personal best. This also gave him the ticket to the German Indoor Nationals. As Ediger is in fact a Wuppertal athlete, this cheered up the enthusiastic crowd even more. His club mate Florian Hornig finished fifth. After passing 2.14m, he had to stop the competition after his first attempt on 2.18m.

At this point, there were still four athletes in the competition. The German high jumper Tobias Potye (LG Stadtwerke Munich) finally finished fourth (2.22m, season best). Again, Wuppertal saw a great fight between the last athletes, which made the competition close around 22:50. Three athletes had successful jumps over 2.25m. However, for two of them, this was also their final result at the Sporthalle Küllenhahn  this evening. Due to his better performance at 2.25m, Ukrainian Vadym Kravchuk finished second in front of Turkish Alperen Acet, who barely missed the national record. The dominating athlete of that evening (or already: night), however, was Czechia’s Jan Stefela. His winning height of 2.28m was the first one which he did not make in the first attempt. Finally, he failed to check the Olympic qualifying height of 2.33m, but still felt being very pleased with his convincing competition.


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