WFCQ 2019: Spain – Germany 3:6 (0:1, 1:3, 2:2)

After I made my way from Germany to Vienna and headed on to Trencin by car, the match between Germany and Spain was the first World Floorball Championship Qualification one on my list. Despite having lost some honorable players like Franziska Kuhlmann (now assistant coach) and Katja Timmel, Germany of course was the favourite team in this match. They played a promising match against Austria before and lost – as expected – against Finland. Spain just had one match so far, having no chance against Russia.

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Spain vs. Germany – Match Report

Germany had the better start in that match. From the very beginning, Simon Brechbühler’s squad took control of the Spain. However, there was not too much pressure on Patricia Amores Puhl’s goal, even after Kisa Reck took the lead in her second attempt right in front of the goal in the fifth minute. Spain acted more confident towards the middle of the period. Their best chance was by Carmen Arno de la Calle in the 14th minute, when the Spanish striker had a free shot near the right goal post. A textbook incorrect hit by Maria Gomez Contreras gave back Germany the control. The power-play had some nice plays, but was not successful. Close to the first intermission, Vanessa Weikum gave her opponent a rough contact on the rink, so that the Spanish were able to play with man advantage for 1:48 minutes remaining in the second period.










Germany raised the lead in the 2nd period

While Spain could not convert the power play, Germany did better early in the second period: with Paula Arenal Beltran on the penalty bench, Laura Hönicke raised the score from the slot in the 24th minute. The penalty seemed to be the place to be during that time – Elena Bröker just came back from the cozy chairs next to the timekeepers to complete a fast break – 3:0 Germany after 27 minutes. Germany was now in full control of the match. Nevertheless, Spain tried to hail counter attacks. Laura Martinez-Villaneuva Portanova raised the Spanish hopes with a right position shot in the 31st minute, but apart from that one, Indra Reck save all three remaining shots in that period. Theresa Beppler-Alt scored Germany’s fourth one with one minute to go with a low shot to the near side post. 4:1 was also the intermission score after fourty minutes.





German defense giving Spain two goals in the third period

Germany felt to be the stronger team in the final period as well, but the period score was tied, 2-2. Thereby, the Germans raised the goal difference to four twice. First, Alena Holst (who I saw with Laupen at the Red Ants this season) took a nice shot after 52 minutes, Anna-Lena Best scored in the 55th minute. However, both times, the Spanish could score by themselves right thereafter. Paula Arenal Beltran stole the ball from a German defender right in front of Indra Reck in the 54th minute, Sandra de la Cuesta Lopez profited of a mistake of the German netminder three minutes later. Germany’s 6:3 victory was thus maybe closer than expected.












Spain vs. Germany – My View of the Match

Spain played a very disciplined and in my point of view strong match, compared to the matches they showed in previous qualifications. They scored their goals, even if some situations were more on the lucky side.

From a German perspective, it is hard to judge about what this match will mean to them. They definitely did the minimum required job by beating Spain. If they would beat Russia in their final match, the score does not count and they qualify second in the group. If not, however, that score is just too low. The two Gdansk groups with Italy and France likely placed fourth have significantly weaker opponents to score a significant goal difference against.


Spain vs. Germany – Lineups

Spain: 1 Patricia Amores Puhl, 26 Paloma Andrea Rohas Gonzales – 3 Nieves Ballesteros Suarez, 7 Arantzazu Fernandez Castellanos, 8 Ester Sanchez Sanchez, 9 Sara Martinez Gutierrez, 10 Paula Rodrigo Rorresano, 12 Paula Arenal Beltran, 14 Laura Martinez-Villanueva Portanova, 16 Maria Gomez Contreras, 17 Andrea Rodriguez Laborda, 18 Maria Alonso Lopez-Zuazo, 19 Sara de la Cuesta Lopez, 24 Clara Vallejo Terraza, 30 Carmen Arno de la Calle, 31 Sonia Martinez Lopez, 32 Maria Galan Ortega, 33 Esther Apesteguia Lanseros, 35 Isabel Fernandez Abad, 36 Maria Valverdu Esteban

Germany: 30 Indra Reck, 69 Nancy Gatzsch – 2 Vanessa Weikum, 4 Alexandra Kurth, 5 Pauline Baumgarten, 6 Wiebke Richter, 7 Jana Baccus, 8 Julia Diesner, 9 Carla Benndorf, 10 Winona Jürgens, 11 Anna-Lena Best, 12 Theresa Beppler-Alt, 13 Laura Hönicke, 15 Elena Bröker, 18 Randi Kleerbaum, 20 Alena Holst, 23 Frederike Strahl, 26 Kisa Reck, 33 Johanne Busse


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