WFC U19 Girls 2024: Australia – Germany 1-12 (1-5, 0-4, 0-3)

I over-estimated the travel time from Helsinki, so that I indeed made it to the first Under 19 WFC match in Lahti. Quite an interesting one, as the German national team had the honor to open the tournament against Australia. Before the match, the IFF app had a voting of 94% in favor of the Germans – let’s see if that was rather a burden or nothing but a realistic guess.

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Australia – Germany – Match Report

It was school day in Lahti – and so, the early match was attended by more than 700 spectators. Germany started very well into the match, with a shot by Laura Niemack from the left wing scoring the first goal of the tournament (1:50). However, Australia felt to be dangerous in the first minutes. Katie Wright went for the long distance shot just 13 second later, equalizing the score. There was quite a lot of drama in the match in the first minutes. With 3:30 minutes of play, referee Jyrki Sirkka had to do the first video tournament of the Under 19 WFC in Lahti. Amelie Kiana Kurschner went for the wrap around and the ball got stuck between the goal cage and Aussie starting goalie Kayya Goel. However, the referees had to correct that decision after the next intermission.

From then on, Germany was in the right mood to dominate the match. Linda Schanz increased the score just a minute later. The German national team added two more goals in the first perioid, by Felina Weber (11th) and Michelle Siedenberg (18th).


Australia better after the First Break – Germany impresses at the End

It felt like Australia had a good intermission. They got along much better with the German attacks. Thus, it felt deserved that they could prevent goals in the first fourteen minutes of the match. However, Kevin Buckermann’s team stormed over Australia in the last minutes of the period. Svenja Klingner went for an successful attack first (34th), followed by goals of Anna Hofer (35th, 40th) and Siedenberg (37th). Quite harsh for the poor young girls from Down Under – but Germany impressed.

Germany added three more goals in the final 20 minutes. Lilly Fiedler (46th), Hofer (48th) and Schanz (54th) sealed an impressive 12-1 victory for the only European competitor in Group C.


Australia – Germany – My View of the Match

Without being able to judge on the strength of the other two teams, Singapore and New Zealand, yet, Germany did a great first match. They felt well prepared and made their way through the match. The score equalizer did not stop them from playing their game. This performance pushes Germany in the driver’s seat of Group C, let’s see if that can stand that in the following matches against Asian/Oceanian teams.


Australia – Germany – Lineups

Australia: 1 Kavya Goel, 16 Summer Moes – 2 Grace Parry, 4 Heather Bruyns, 8 Jennifer Biddle, 9 Matilda O’Connell, 10 Katie Wright, 11 Matilda Burton, 12 Jaime Young, 14 Grace Coveney, 17 Tahlia Norris, 21 Arianne Guiot, 23 Millie Justice, 24 Hannah Thomas, 27 Gemma O’Rourke, 29 Olivia Cornelius, 34 Adela Blackburne, 45 Tahlia Bridges, 67 Annika Hofman

Germany: 59 Freya von Wangenheim, 55 Linnea Könnecke – 4 Maya Birnbaum, 5 Lara Schubert, 7 Emily Renz, 10 Nuria Soufia Guerbouj, 13 Pauline Konze, 18 Lilly Frances Tropschug, 19 Eileen Sophie Winter, 21 Janne Marie Lotz, 22 Svenja Klingner, 23 Anna Hofer, 25 Amelia Wagner, 34 Felina Weber, 42 Laura Niemack, 44 Lilly Fiedler, 50 Amelie Kiana Kurschner, 76 Charlotta Bayer, 77 Linda Schanz, 91 Michelle Siedenberg


Australia – Germany – Gallery

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