WFC U19 Girls 2024: Singapore – Australia 7-4 (2-1, 2-0, 3-3)

The draw in Group C at the Under 19 Girls World Floorball Championships 2024 in Lahti was a bit of unfortunate for the Asian-Ocenian teams. With Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, there were all three participants from that region in one group. The second matchday, 9th May 2024, featured the match between Singapore and Australia, arguably the two most prominent teams in the region.

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Singapore – Australia – Match Facts

Australia felt having the better start in this match, but it was Ayunnie Fahmi in the 12th minute, wo scored the first goal. Like several scores for the South Asian team, the quickly turned over after an Australian ball possession. However, Grace Parry tied the score a few minutes thereafter (16th). Nonetheless, Singapore’s goal felt to have given the red-dressed ladies a lot of confidence. They had more attacks now and Tiara Dewi converted one of them with just four minutes left in the first period. In the second period, Singapore increased pressure and were awarded by two goals. Dewi added her second goal in the 28th minute, followed by Singapore’s fourth goal by Insyira Putru Shaiful some five minutes later. Singapore was in control now.

The first ten minutes of the third period showed a series of three Singapore goals (Camilla Yeo, Marsya Zaidi, Jazzy Tan). Australia was now trailing by six goals, 1-7. You have to give the team huge credits that they did not give up. Finally, they forced the DJ three more times to play their goal jingle, Down Under by Men Without Hats. However, these goals by Jaime Young (2) and Annika Hofman, all scored in the last five minutes of the match, came too late. At least, they likely lead to some confidence for Australia’s Friday’s battle against New Zealand. Singapore proofed dangerous for their final match against the German National Team.


Singapore – Australia – Lineups

Singapore: 93 Nur Shadrina Sharil , 29 Jia Wei Tee – 4 Cheryl Rachmadi, 7 Ayunnie Fahmi, 8 Dinah Azmi, 9 Nur Yuanna S Ralli, 10 Insyira Putri Shaiful, 11 Nurdyana Aliah Bakhtiar, 12 Camilla Yeo, 13 Jazzy Tan, 15 Qislaila Zainul, 17 Safiyyah Salim, 18 Evelin Poh, 21 Danica Ong, 22 Kacey Chia, 26 Vanessa Yan, 27 Marsya Zaidi, 65 Tiara Dewi, 71 Jolyn Toh, 77 Charlotte Puah


Australia: 1 Kavya Goel, 16 Summer Moes – 2 Grace Parry, 4 Heather Bruyns, 8 Jennifer Biddle, 9 Matilda O’Connell, 10 Katie Wright, 11 Matilda Burton, 12 Jaime Young, 14 Grace Coveney, 17 Tahlia Norris, 21 Arianne Guiot, 23 Millie Justice, 24 Hannah Thomas, 27 Gemma O’Rourke, 29 Olivia Cornelius, 34 Adela Blackburne, 45 Tahlia Bridges, 67 Annika Hofman


Singapore – Australia – Gallery

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