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The Country Music Playlists have become a very important – and very well reputed – part of the publications and work done by my website. I decided to upgrade that portfolio with specialized playlists, which will again be published on Amazon Music and Spotify. New Country Songs

This playlist is aiming to promote new music. I will scan the new releases I am running into and which I find on befriended and artist website and just select a number of songs I feel you might like. The only condition to be part of the new songs: it needs to be a new song / single release (no parts of released albums or EPs), even if the song has already been part of a published album. And the second rule: no matter how good or bad the song is – I will strictly kick it after five weeks. New Country Songs Fact Sheet

Focus: – New country songs, worldwide.
– Only singles releases (no albums or EPs) can are part of the playlist.
– All kinds of country music, from bluegrass to country rock
Number of Songs: Variable, depends on the number of songs I feel like nominating  and on the number of songs to be removed
Updates: – Regulary, I intend to aim for updates every Tuesday.
– Songs will be strictly removed after five weeks.
Other Conditions: None
Spotify URI: spotify:playlist:0ycaIccX76yyjdbMIONIwy
Last Update: 4th August 2020, New Songs as of 31st July 2020

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Songs Added at last update (4th August 2020):

  • What A View By Caroline Jones
  • Follow by Brandon Ratcliff
  • Truckload of Trouble by Cody Webb
  • She Spread Like The Covid by Scuzz Twittly
  • Honey Child (Acoustic) by Julia Cole
  • Rhythm of You by Holly Tucker
  • Fool’s Love Affair by Randy Travis
  • Small Town, Girl by Lainey Wilson
  • Bad Mother Trucker by Eric Church
  • You and Islands by Zac Brown Band
  • Waste Of A Whiskey Drink by Gary Allen
  • Off the Edge of the Summer by Eric Paslay
  • Down by Ryan Griffin
  • Mama’s Cooking by James Barker Band
  • Cowboy’s Cowgirl by Chad Cooke Band
  • Wagon by Brit Taylor European Country Hits

Another topic, which I am very interested in, is to promote European (of course with a special focus on German) country music. I will update this list less frequently than others, but will limit the number of songs by artist to two ones. New Country Songs Fact Sheet

Focus: – The list is limited to European artists (incl. to the UK), including artists, which are majorly resident in the UK.
–  All kinds of country music, open to all languages
Number of Songs: – Variable, I roughly aim for a selection of 50 songs
Updates: – On demand – I will do updates from time to time
Other Conditions: – at most two songs per artist
Spotify URI: spotify:playlist:2m0i7dgwLxHPetBgQexesr
Last Update: 14th April 2020, Introduction of the Playlist

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Here is the link to my key playlists, the Country Music Playlists on Amazon Music and Spotify:

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