Spotlight – meets Lerocque (15th April 2020)

While my Spotlight Interview so far have been concentrated in the country music scene, I was very happy to run into a musician, which is representing a very different genre: Lerocque from Lucerne, Switzerland, started his music career under his civil name Pedro Rodrigues and joined the rock band One Day Remains. In the last years, he more and more pursues a solo career in parallel, where he is using an artist name, Lerocque – and also playing a very different style of music, electronic pop. He recently release a new single, Veneno. In my chart with him, we talked about the song – but also about his career and future plans.


Spotlight – meets Lerocque

FLYC: You are Portuguese origin, your parents emigrated to Switzerland in your young ages. How Portuguese – and how Swiss – is your music?

Lerocque: Not at all. I mean I’m influenced by life itself so I believe no matter where you live you will find yourself in the songs/lyrics.

FLYC: You grew up in a family with three siblings. One your bio photos today show you with a classic Game Boy. What have been your favorite games on the system?

Lerocque: No doubt: Zelda The Awekening and Pokemon.

FLYC: You also state that movie and video game soundtracks inspired you and gave you some first touch with music. Which songs of that time do you remember – did they inspire you?

Lerocque: Every single song from Disney movies. I mean they’re magical and just gigantic ?

FLYC: After growing up as a family with three kids, the next step in your musical career was another trip experience – you joined the rock band One Day Remains as a singer by replying to an online ad. How did you describe yourself to persuade the other band members of you?

Lerocque: To be honest it was like: Me singer + you band looking for vocalist = perfect match.

FLYC: One Day Remains is a quite successful rock band. What have been your favorite moments with the band?

Lerocque: There’s nothing greater than being on stage with those guys, specially when we’re for example supporting huge bands like Skillet.

FLYC: But now turning to your solo career. While you use your civil name for One Day Remains, you are simple Lerocque for your own music. Why did you choose that name?

Lerocque: I was looking for an Alias for my solo stuff and this was my online gaming name for ages so that made sense. Sounds lit and there wasn’t many google hits for it. So free to go for me.

FLYC: Your Lerocque music style is very different from One Day Remains. How did the band members react when they listened to the electric pop style you are doing for the first time?

Lerocque: I guess they don’t like it much ? still, we support each others as we all have solo stuff going on. As I’m doing it for me I am the only one I have to please.

FLYC: After publishing some cover versions, you published Lift Me Up featuring the former The Voice of Switzerland contestant Carmen Bieri. How did you get into this collaboration? What does the song mean to you?

Lerocque: Well, she’s my wife you know (Lerocque smile). Music was the bound between us and many were asking for it so we gave em candy. The song means a lot to me as it is as well the first one in which I’m singing Portuguese.

FLYC: End of last year, you had quite some success with Hanging Out With The Cool Kids. What was this song about?

Lerocque: The song was actually about myself like every song I publish. It’s about being an outsider and feeling goid with it. Sounds quite easy but it’s not. Took some years to accept myself the way I am. I just wanted to give that feeling to people out there feeling the same. It’s ok to be awkward for others as long you’re straight to yourself.

FLYC: In March 2020, you released Veneno (which is the Portguese word for “Poison”), which started very well. Tell us the story behind the track, please!

Lerocque: Well it’s qbout that little addiction everyone of us has. We’re all somehow addicted.

FLYC: For you as an artist, how difficult is it to promote your music in times of the Covid-19 crisis?

Lerocque: Not at all. As mostly everyone is at home and online I can easily get in touch with them directly but for my label for example it’s quite hard as radios, blogs etc. are quite reduced.

FLYC: Just some six weeks before Veneno, you also released RIOT with One Day Remains. So I guess you are planning with a buzy year 2020? What are your plans for the next months.

Lerocque: I do and I can’t wait. There’s a whole lotta music in the pipeline. With One Day Remains we’re working on a new album and for Lerocque I will be dropping 4-5 new tracks this year.

FLYC: Last, but not least: doing electric music as well as rock – what kind of music does Pedro Rodrigues aka Lerocque listen to in his private life?

Lerocque: I’m open minded in every part of my life so as well in music. As long as the song makes me move my ass or touches my heart I’m down to it ☺️


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