On Tour With Rock of Ages 2024 (Episode 6 – Zurich, 8th/9th June 2024)

Time to say good-bye. The 8th to 9th June 2024 trip to Zurich featured the last four shows of the GermanAustrianSwiss tour in 2024. Of course, the trip had some wistful feelings, knowing that it may take some time to see some of the lovely cast members again. Here is the sixth and final episode of my unusual trip report.


Episode 6 – Zurich

Theater 11 is a rather large theater in the Zurich borough of Oerlikon. It is located right opposite of the large indoor arena Hallenstadion. Tram line 11 is stopping right in front of the building. However, Zurich Oerlikon station, which majorly has regional, but also national connections is in short walking distance.


The Trip To Zurich

The trip to Zurich had a couple of obstacles. First of all, I felt very ill and weak the days before show. I just did not want to miss it, though. Additionally, the high speed rail between Cologne and Frankfurt was blocked after a train incident. I knew that in advance and opted to leave one train earlier, at 5:48 from Cologne Main Station. The advantage of this: the ICE train took the route along the River Rhine. This is indeed rather slow, but in fact also likely Germany’s most beautiful train route. Despite the earlier start, I arrived one hour after my intended time in Mannheim, where I got a smooth connection. No need to hurry at the next transfer in Basel. The rail junkie in me was happy about unusual rolling stock, an Italian Frecciaargento. Did not have that one before. I finally smoothly arrived in Zurich and headed to the hotel, getting rid of my luggage before the show.


Day 1 Shows – 8th June 2024, 15:00 & 19:30

The shows were hit by two impacts: first of all, you simply could feel that the cast is getting tired. After the long Munich show run, Zurich closed with two double-headers in a row as well. Secondly, as towards the end of many shows, some artists already had to head to their following appointments. For example, I thus missed saying goodbye to Maria Pambori, who was so adorable on this tour. Martijn Noort had to head to the Netherlands for Moulin Rouge promotion after he did the first show as Drew. John Vooijs stepped in as Lonny. Always interesting to see how different the style of the character is, depending on the respective actor. I did enjoy the show, also due to seeing so many swings and covers on stage, like Paul Fruh (Franz) or Liam Tiesteel (Joey Primo).

The second show had the appearance of Kim Unger as Sherrie, also due to the fact that Linda Holmgren could do another one of her Regina shows. While I really did enjoy the first show, I did not really get too much of the first act in here, my body was forcing me to relax. At least, I was somehow recovered for the second act – also due to the fact that I finally got Glace (how the Swiss name it… Ice Cream) in the intermission. I really loved it, even though knowing that this tour will last less than 24 hours from now on. Also due to the weather, I decided not to catch up too much with the actors and better concentrate on bringing my body back to a reasonable condition for the last day and a work day in our Zurich office.


Day 2 Shows – 9th June 2024, 14:30 & 18:30

Ticket prices in Zurich were expectedly a bit higher than in Germany, so that I just had front row central tickets for the Sunday matinee. I felt like enjoying this one and then seeing what the emotions will bring for the evening. It did not really work out too well. When I looked in the eyes of Erika Del Re in the very beginning of the first act, I realized that this will be the last day I am seeing some of these people. However, I finally enjoyed the show a lot. Some actors had a rest, so that I saw John Vooijs as Dennis and Stephanie Löblich as Waitress No. 1 / Kellnerin 1. Inga Krischke had her Regina farewell. Some minor technical issues during the show, but overall the crowd and I enjoyed it. The theater was, by the way, not sold out at all during these days. The cast, by the way, appreciated me with a Prosecco in the love part at the beginning of the show – thanks for that!

Finally, the show closed about 17:20 – and even though the cast held the encore part short, this meant that the break was way too short to kick off at 18:30 again. I rushed back to the hotel to bring the dink back there. During thunderstorms I even took the wrong tram back and was quite soaked. The show started 15 minutes late, which gave me some time to dry. The cast was the top one available, with Linda Holmgren being back as Regina. There were some tears on stage during the play, for example when Amanda Whitford started the final show one grabbing the pizza as Justice in a pyjama. I was not that emotional until the final scenes… and more emotional thereafter. Bad luck I could just farewell a few of the people – the cast had quite a lot to do after the show and finally, the rain destroyed my faith in saying goodbye to all of them. Sorry for that.


Going Home

I don’t share my way home this time. The only reason I was able to see the final show was that I am able to work in an office of my company on Monday, heading back home to Cologne on Monday evening by train. Thus, I had a couple of catch-ups and meetings while still thinking about the last three months. Next Rock of Ages show for me: Newcastle in mid-September 2024. Then Stamford Wells and Solihull in October and November – which will be really cool as I can combine it with the Journey tour in the United Kingdom.


Some Final Words…

I feel that the German show has significantly improved during 2024. As I wrote in my Munich trip report episode, the cast has more depth and can compensate main actors being absent or simply needing a rest. Another key factor why I loved the 2024 more than 2023 was that the directors gave the actors more freedom. Rock of Ages is better when there is here and there some improvisation theater touch.

I really started to love the guys on and behind the stage in 2024. There were so many great people, great hearts at Rock of Ages 2024. The some three month period of playing the show does not pay their living for the whole year obviously, so you finally never know if you will see them again 2025. At least not in that play. I am so thankful for these some twenty shows, which gave me a lot of memory. Let’s see what the 2025 tour will be alike. Thanks to everybody, for your amazing talents, your friendship. I love to say that Rock of Ages means family thing – but I really feel, you got a bond between you now due to that experience. Keep my fingers crossed that these guys have a great upcoming life as actors, regardless if they rock on or not.


All pictures have been taken with my amateur equipment in the finale of the show.


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