Flying Atlantic Airways Airbus A320

Atlantic Airways Airbus A320



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very friendly service
  • Overall, good hardware Cons

  • Economy class only
  • Weird operations at Copenhagen

The Faroe Islands have definitely made it deep into my heart during 2023. While there is the Smyril Line ferry from Denmark and Iceland to the beautiful islands in the Atlantic Ocean, you nowadays rather take the plane and arrive at Vagar Airport (FAE). The most characteristic carries is, of course, Atlantic Airways (IATA code: RC). I had four flights with them in 2023, two from Copenhagen (CPH) to Vagar (FAE) and two in the opposite direction. Here is my review of the flight experience, based of all four flights with their Airbus A320 fleet.


Atlantic Airways – Network and Fares

Atlantic Airways comes more or less with two completely separate networks and fleets. First of all, there is the international network (if you see Denmark as “international” from Faroe Islands). The key destinations are Copenhagen (CPH) and Billund (BLL) in Denmark, Keflavik (KEF) in Iceland and Oslo (OSL) in Norway. Copenhagen (CPH) is the only connection with daily flights. However, during the last years, Atlantic Airways had quite some interesting additional destinations like Gran Canaria (LPA) or Paris (CDG). During summer 2023, there was also one weekly service to New York Steward International Airport (SWF). In addition, Atlantic Airways does offer code-shares, especially with Air France / KLM.

Atlantic Airway operates economy class only flights. In 2024, there are three fare classes, LowFlex and Flex+. Low includes one piece of luggage, the Flex fares two. The fare classes also differ by re-booking conditions and Sulubonus points, the frequent traveler scheme by the Faroese national airline. These intercontinental flights are solely operated by Airbus A320-200 and A320neo planes, wich both run with a capacity of 174 passengers. In addition, Atlantic Airways connects the islands in their domestic services. For that cause, they operate two AgustaWestland AW139 helicopters, which are used for scheduled services, charter flights and SAR missions.



Atlantic Airways – The Airbus Fleet

This posting is only about the plane operations by Atlantic Airways. At the time of writing, the airline operates four planes, two A320-200 and two A320neo. Two more A320neo planes are ordered. There are slight differences in the interior of the airplanes, but overall, you don’t feel that much of a difference between the different plane types (see above).


Atlantic Airways  – My Flights

I had four flights with Atlantic Airways during 2023. Two were booked as Atlantic Airways tickets from Copenhagen (CPH) to Vagar (FAE). I had these flights in September 2023. In late November and December 2023, I flew Atlantic Airways on a code-share flight with KLM from Dusseldorf, i.e. I flew the routing Dusseldorf (DUS) – Amsterdam (AMS) – Copenhagen (CPH) – Vagar (FAE) and back. The KLM ticket came with some limitations. Unfortunately, neither Atlantic nor KLM, for example, were able to accept a seat reservation from my side (which is quite essential for me due to medical reasons). I could sort it out at Copenhagen (CPH) and Vagar (FAE), though. Furthermore, you cannot pre-book food – which is a shame as it prevents you from enjoying Atlantic Airways’ lovely open sandwiches.


Atlantic Airways – At The Airport

According to the overview of my flights I gave you above, I checked in for an Atlantic Airways flight in three locations, Dusseldorf (DUS), Copenhagen (CPH) and Vagar (FAE). The Dusseldorf check-in was very efficient, but the KLM agent could not assign a seat on the flight to me (see above). The staff at Vagar (FAE) is amazingly friendly. They also do the ground handling for other airlines like SAS, especially in summer / peak season. In Copenhagen, the service was a bit of weird, as there was just automated check-in at the time I arrived there and the ground staff, which has been there to service multiple airlines (from Air France to Lufthansa and Atlantic – weird combination…), was initially not really motivated to help me. Finally, it worked out well, too.

If you book Flex+ fare, you receive Fast Track access at Copenhagen Airport (CPH) and can visit the Carlsberg Aviator Lounge there. There is no fast track (it is not necessary anyway) or lounge at Vagar Airport (FAE).


Atlantic Airways – Inflight Experience

If you book an Atlantic Airways ticket directly, I highly recommend going for the first row of the cabin, which is very comfortable. One of the four planes is more narrow than the others, unfortunately (at least according to my sources). The three other planes, including the two A320neo ones, have a seat pitch between 30 and 32 inches and are thus quite nice. The all-economy configuration is a 3-3 one, three of my four flights featured USB sockets and a tablet / mobile phone holder in the seat back in front of you. Other than the WiFi-driven one on your mobile device, there is no inflight entertainment.

Similar to other Nordic airlines, coffee, tea and water are free. The crew is very friendly and attentive. In addition, you can buy some items from the menu. There are typical basic food items like sandwiches, sweet and salty snacks, soft drinks, beers, wine and mixers. Prices are reasonable. You are also able to pre-order food i you are on an Atlantic Airways ticket. I highly recommend trying the amazing open sandwiches, which I introduced you to in my Food I had Onboard XThere are also other extended meal options you can book online before the flight, especially for their Transatlantic and sunny destinations.


Atlantic Airways – My View

Altantic Airways is an all-economy airline. Nonetheless, you feel the friendly spirit of Faroese people already onboard the plane. Having two pieces of luggage for just a little bit extra is a nice feature as well. The hardware of the cabin is standard and rather comfortable (if you make to avoid the slightly older plane). Typically, your Atlantic Airways flight won’t be too much longer than two hours (if you are not heading to the United States…) – they are absolutely fine.


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