Flying Finnair A330 Updated Business Class

Finnair A330 Updated Business Class



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very simple, but cozy seat
  • Good to relax, nice for sleeping
  • Very well thought-through design Cons

  • You tend not to buckle up in the seat during flight

Flying to from Budapest (BUD) to New York in late October 2023 came with two really nice perks. First of all, I had made use of an error fare, so that the business class return on a Finnair ticket was just about 700 EUR. On top of that, I finally had the opportunity to check out the updated Finnair Business Class seat on the Airbus A330-302. How would it be like to be in a seat for nine hours which is not reclining at all? Here is my posting, which is concentrating on the seat and the service during the flight.


Finnair A330 Updated Business Class – The flight

I flew on 26th October 2023 from Helsinki (HEL) to New York (JFK) with flight AY 15. The flight was scheduled to depart at 17:25 and arrive at 19:05. The perks on the ground were in line with my Finnair A350 Business Class review I shared earlier, e.g. lounge access (due to my status: Platinum Wing). I did check-in at Budapest Airport (BUD) already, though – and the check-in agent and process there was absolutely terrible. The airplane I flew for the intercontinental leg was OH-LTU, a 13 year old Airbus A330-302, which has been operating for Finnair since its initial delivery in November 2010.


Finnair A330 Updated Business Class – The cabin

With the update to the new Finnair cabin, the Airbus A330 turned into a three cabin configuration. The first seven rows are taken for business class, which comes in a 1-2-1 setting. This means that there is a single window seat on each side (I had the one at 2L) with two seats in the middle. The middle seats to have visual dividers so that you have more privacy, especially if you don’t know your neighbor (yet). The new configuration also implies that all seats in the updated Finnair Business Class have direct aisle access.

On the front left and right, next to the doors 1L / 1R, there is a lavatory each. If you recall my The Privilege of the Loo posting, this means that 14 passengers share one lavatory in this type of plane –  which is a very high level of comfort. The bathroom does not come with any too remarkable amenities, though.


Finnair A330 Updated Business Class – The seat

Most of the business class experience is in line with my previous Finnair flights – but the seat is what is really the key feature. It is fixed, feels a bit like a cocoon, which adds a lot of privacy. The unique feature of the seat is that it almost comes without moving parts (in regards of the seat itself – of course there is a table, lights etc.). During take off and landing and when you sit traditionally, the folded down board almost feels like a trap door. If you move that part up, you have a large flat area and the comfortably cushioned rear. An obscure result of that your seat is not moving is that you have two safety belts. The three-point seat belt is used when you are sitting. There is another belt, which is tied around your hip area, when you are lying.


Design and Functions

The design of the seat feels to be very well felt through. The controls (majorly for lights)are just straight where you need them and the armrest and shelf area next to you even has an inductive charging area (with some rubber on top so that your device is not moving. You can comfortably adjust the table, even with my body size. The “coffin” or however you like to call the foot area feels a bit narrow at first sight, but it is actually not too bad. There is a storage for the noise cancelling headphones provided by Finnair right next to your head and a major storage, which even holds smaller notebooks and tablets, next to the seat.

Due to the cabin configuration, there is also plenty of overhead bin space in the Airbus A330 Business Class. The only thing which is really a bit of bothering is the position of the power outlet. There are USB ports in the headphone compartment, though. You also have a Do Not Disturb switch, which turns your seat number into red – a very helpful and easy feature.


Seat Comfort

If you discuss the seat with frequent flyers, there is typically either the “love it” or the “hate it” section. My review, naturally comes at the end. Laying down and having a nap went well to be, even though I am rather big. The wide seat does have a not of advantage here for me compared to other solution. I absolutely loved the seating position. It is a great and extremely comfy and really reflects the idea that you can behave like being on your sofa at home while flying this Finnair cabin.

However, that is also my biggest point of critics. As you do so, I feel that this seat is rather making you forget that there is always the risk of turbulence and you should buckle up. With my body size, some comfy seat positions would not have been possible while wearing the seat belt. Furthermore, the shoulder part of the belt is not adjustable in height. If you are not exactly fitting the right size, it will likely bother you on an eight hour or longer flight.


Finnair A330 Updated Business Class – Entertainment

The screen oin the Finnair A330 Updated Business Class is really good. It might be a bit too exposed to reflections, but apart from that it is a really nice handling. You also get any key information you need (including meal planing…) easily by using the remote control or the touchscreen. There is a front and a downward facing camera, the picture quality was average. The selection of movies and TV series is really nice (they even featured the Weird Al Yankovic movie…), the range of audio programs could be slightly better. The flightmap is really nice.


Finnair A330 Updated Business Class – Service

If you are flying in Business Class Classic or flexible fair, you receive one hour of complimentary internet. For that, you identify by the booking code, name and seat. High Finnair status guests even have internet on board for the entire flight. You receive a basic amenity kit, which is nicely designed. Apart from a mattress and blanked, you also receive felt slipper. They initially feel a bit wobbly, but I finally really liked them. On top of that, there are two pillows, which do not help you to have a good sleeping, but also a comfortable seating position. They are really key for your seating comfort.

I already told you in the corresponding Food I Had Onboard posting that the cabin crew on this flight has been amazing. I absolutely love flying Finnair in their premium cabin.


Finnair A330 Updated Business Class – My View

I absolutely love the updated Finnair A330 Business Class seat. On top of an excellent service, you simply have a cozy, relaxed flight experience. Unfortunately, it is just too seductive not to buckle up if you fly the Scandinavians. Some of my frequent traveler friends shared this argument after I introduced my finding to them. Thus, I just have to have a rating reduction here. In line with that I can’t give it the Top Pick! rating it somehow feels to deserve.


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