Car Rental Review – Hertz / Bilutleie Hamar (Norway)

Hertz / Bilutleie Hamar



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very good location
  • Nice car
  • Efficient billing process, incl. road tolls Cons

  • Bumpy rental process

In order to support the Indian team at the Tennis Davis Cup in Lillehammer in Norway in September 2022, I had to go for a rental car at the Innlandet province of Norway. I finally decided to go for a rental in Hamar, just due to the more convenient location of the company compared to the one in Lillehammer. As a Hertz status customer, I went for a booking with that company. However, the company which in fact drove the rental is Bilutleie Hamar, who do rentals for Hertz, Europcar and also under their own franchise.


Hertz Hamar – The Rental

I had a four day rental in September 2022. I received the car on Wednesday and returned it on Sunday, out of office hours. The total pre-paid rental fee was 241.87 EUR, which included all insurance, but a CDW with self-retention. The C-HR was the category I booked. Especially as I was not fully aware of the road conditions driving up to the former Olympic Sites of Kvitfjell and Hafjell (both alpine skiing), I rather opted for an SUV-alike car.


Hertz Hamar – Location & Office

Even though there were some road works, you just cannot miss the Hertz Hamar rental car office if you disembark a train at Hamar Train Station. You just walk along the street in parallel to the train tracks (in the direction of Oslo…) and reach the office right. The national pizza chain advertisement is bigger than the car rental one – but there are so many cars around that you know you are right. Even with the heavy luggage I had, the ten minute walk was absolutely doable.


Hertz Hamar – Receiving The Car

Overall, the rental process at the beginning of the rental was efficient. What I did not like was that the only reply on potential damages was “take a picture and keep it up to ten days after the rental”. Especially if you return a car out of office hours, it is good to be precise in these things, I feel. The car had one issue, as the tire sensor was not working properly. The employee told me that the error message will fade after a few kilometers – but that was not the case. Apart from that, I had to ask for that issue after I checked the car – instead of being made aware of the (obviously known) issue when receiving the keys.


Hertz Hamar – Returning The Car

I returned the car on Sudnday, when the offices of Hertz / Bilutleie Hamar are not open. Even though there was staff in the office, I just had to return the keys to a key safe at an office door. A really handy feature of the office was that there is a (card only) gas station right at the same location. The receipt arrived, as expected, on Monday, already including all the Norwegian road toll fees.


The Car – Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR was a really nice choice for my purpose of travel. It was overall in good condition (apart from the tire sensor, see above) and was fun to drive. The car also had a good mileage of some 30,000 km  and sufficient room to put all my travel good and photography equipment into the trunk.


Hertz Hamar – My View

Renting a car at Hertz / Bilutleie Hamar was overall a good experience. The location is great for travelers and the price was much better than what I would have to pay at Oslo Airport (OSL). There were some points, which could have improved the rental process, though.


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