Nyhavn Copenhagen (Pictured Story)

Copenhagen is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in Europe. One of the most iconic places of the city is Nyhavn, the “New Harbor”. However, the 17th century constructed waterfront area is full of tourists and locals, especially on a sunny day. As I had nice weather during my short stop in the Danish capital in May 2023, I just had to go for some touristic snaps and share it with you. Here is my Pictured Story with larger size pictures.


Nyhavn Copenhagen – Location & Traffic

Nyhavn is located in the heart of historic Copenhagen. There are no timely restriction to reach the area, but friendly weather and not being too late there (because the area gets too crowded) is recommended. Of course, if you want to hang out at the iconic place for a drink, you should of course allow for the opening times of the place of your choice.

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In general, I would recommend to commute in Copenhagen by public transport. The metro station Kongens Nytorv is just a few steps away from the area. It is one of the stations at which all four metro lines are meeting, so that you can easily get there from any part of the capital (including main station, of course, which is served by M3 and M4).


Views the Nyhavn of Copenhagen

Even though there are other touristic facilities like restaurants in around, the key area to visit is on both sides of the Nyhavn channel with the Nyhavnsbroen (“Nyhavn’s Bridge”). The picturesque houses lead to beautiful views on both sides of the water. There are small cruise boats which give you a nice view of the Danish capital. At the end of the channel, you may for example take the Inderhavnsbroen, which let’s you cross another channel towards the Copenhagen Opera. There are also some cultural places along this part of Nyhavn, though, including a theater which is in fact located on a boat.

Especially the Northern side of the Nyhavn channel, which is typically having more sunlight, is also featuring a lot of restaurants. Even though some (also) serve rather basic dishes like omelettes, Denmark is an expansive place and you should check out the menu before you sit down. However, on a sunny day, it is an amazing place to hang out and watch people passing by.


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