Daladyrd Petting Zoo (near Akureyri)

Daladyrd Petting Zoo

1,500 ISK


3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice farming scenery
  • Nice animals and good documentation
  • Very kind owner Cons

  • Remote location
  • Not all animals given on the website available

Sometimes, you just need to learn where your steak – or your Icelandic sweater is originally coming from. What is better than going to a farm and having a look behind their scenes. The Daladyrd Petting Zoo near Akureyri is in fact not a fully working farm, but it helps Reykjavik city kids and tourists learning about farming in Iceland. My wife and I visited the place on the 5th day of our Icelandic Ring Road trip in 2023.


Daladyrd Petting Zoo – Location & Admission

The petting zoo is located East of Akureyri. As it is in fact located in the next valley on the East, you either have to take the Vadlaheidargong Toll Tunnel or take the detour. The road to the petting zoo (833, paved road, easy to drive) is heading South right next to the tunnel. There is no public transport in the valley. Despite there is a sign next to the road, you tend to miss the location.

Daladyrd is open from mid February to November. The daily opening times are 11:00 to 18:00 hrs. Please note that we could not visit some of the animals they stated on their website. Adult admission is 1500 ISK, roughly 10 Euro.


Daladyrd Petting Zoo – The Visit

Parts of the area are indeed a working farm. The displays, however, are majorly used for touristic reasons. The key part of the animals are staying in the rather large barn, which you enter at a rather large reception room at the middle. This part of the Daladyrd Petting Zoo is also having a lot of information displays about the different kinds of animals typically held in Iceland and especially in this place.

We first visited the Northern part of the bard, which made me fall in love with two young cows. Aren’t they cuties? The same area (of course in different enclosures) also featured goats. A small room also had some young birds, which was very cute. Compared to farms in Germany, the animals had very comfortable space. As we visited in very early May, I guess it was still too cold for them to be outside the barn.

The other wing of the barn had a lot of birds, including hen, turkey… and cats. Of course, there was less potential to interact with the inhabitants. Two Icelandic horses enjoyed the sun outside the barn.


Daladyrd Petting Zoo – Services

During our visit Daladyrd Petting Zoo had some limited snack facilities. I guess that this is richer in the peak summer season.


Daladyrd Petting Zoo – My View

It is a bit of difficult to make it to this place – and we would have loved to see the Artic Foxes they feature on their website. Nonetheless, we felt that Daladyrd was worth the visit. The owner was very friendly. There was no hassle or stress caused by other visitors. And there were two lovely, cute cows. A nice way to relax your mind a bit during a road trip. I liked it. You shouldn’t expect too much petting, though. about Animal Parks & Zoos

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