Traveling on Iceland’s Ring Road (Preview)

Traveling on the Icelandic Ring road or Road 1 is one of the “classic” trips you can do on the Nordic island. My wife and I are heading on to a eight day trip to explore Iceland together. For my wife, the North and East will be new territory, while I am especially curious about the East of Iceland, which hasn’t been on my travel list so far (apart from my Icelandair domestic flight trip to Egilstadir Airport (EGS)). We decided to take you with us on this very special trip, on which we will have a certain focus on a couple of natural baths and spas en route. Here is a preview what you can expect during this eight day trip.


Iceland’s Ring Road – Our Trip

Due to some Covid-19 related vouchers, we went for a trip with Icelandair. Their elder Boeing 757-200 Saga Class is a quite nice product for their relatively short flights. However, on this trip, we have been scheduled to fly their Boeing 737 MAX for our very first time (I had a 737 MAX booking with them already, but they changed equipment to their legacy airplanes).

Date Flight from to
29.04.2023 FI 521 Frankfurt T2 (FRA) Keflavik (KEF)
07.05.2023 FI 529 Keflavik (KEF) Frankfiurt T2 (FRA)

For the road trip, we decided to go for an anti-clockwise direction, i.e. we travel along the South Coast first, heading towards Egilstadir, before going back to Greater Reykjavik via the North, visitng Husavik and Akureyri, my favorite Icelandic town. There is also some additional time to explore the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, at the end of the trip. Below is a rough map of the trip which lies ahead of us. However, it is only connecting the hotels we are staying at (see below) and does not contain detours like going to Seydisfjordur, which is on our bucket list:

Due to the sights we want to see and the general geography of Iceland, the stages are very unevenly distributes. Especially Day 2 and A key focus on the trip will also be to explore some of the new thermal baths, which have opened in Iceland during the last years. Namely, we aim to visit

I assume that the total distance of the road trip will be about 1,800 to 2,000 km. For that trip, we went for a Dacia Duster provided by Blue Car Rental, which I generally favor among the Icelandic car rental companies.


Iceland’s Ring Road – The Hotels

One of the typical features of the Ring Road trip is that you go for another accommodation every day.

Date City Accommodation
29.04.2023 Hella Stracta Hotel
30.04.2023 Hrafnavellir / Höfn Hrafnaveillir Guest House
01.05.2023 Egilstadir Hotel 1001 Nott
02.05.2023 Husavik Post-Plaza Guesthouse Husavik
03.05.2023 Akureyri Hafdals Hotel
04.05.2023 Reykholt Fosshotel Reykholt
05.05.2023 Reykjavik 22 Hill Hotel
06.05.2023 Keflavik (Airport area) Airport Hotel Aurora Star

Before the trip, we are planning to have a night at the DoubleTree by Hilton Frankfurt Niederrad, which is some ten kilometers away from the Frankfurt Airport (FRA).


Iceland’s Ring Road Trip Report – Featured Postings

Apart from the hotel reviews and spas listed above, here is a list of postings which have additionally been written (i.e.: they contain a hyperlink below) or will be written (no hyperlink) based on this trip, given in chronological order of visit.


Iceland’s Ring Road Trip Report – Daily Episodes

Here are the episodes planned for this trip report. The reprise posting is also holding a gallery of major size pictures of the whole trip:

There will be no Day 9 report, as this would only cover the flight back to Germany.


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